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Why does my stormwater drain block?

How often do you weed your garden? How often do you maintain your stormwater drain?

Stormwater drains are often the last house hold item to receive any TLC. On average it rains in Melbourne 145 days per year.


Specialist equipment

Sometimes we require the use of specialist equipment to carry out your plumbing work.

Much like in a doctor’s surgery, some of this can be done in house (like having a blood test at the surgery), some requires a specialist contractor (like going for an Xray or MRI).

Specialist equipment carries a charge for its usage if we have it in house; specialist equipment that is outsourced also carries a charge for its usage and sometimes for a specialist technician to operate it.

Read on to find out when specialist equipment might be needed. (more…)

How Will Sunshine Plumbing Unblock My Toilet?

To unblock your toilet, we use what’s called a drain cleaning machine.  Some people refer to them as drain snakes.

A drain cleaning machine is a power operated machine, that sends cables down your drain with a cutter on the end. It’s designed to cut and push/pull the obstruction out of your drain.   (more…)

Why does my toilet block?

Toilets can block for a number of reasons.  The most common reason is putting something down your toilet that doesn’t belong there. Read on for the three most common situations that cause a blocked toilet. (more…)

Safety First!

Our safety and your safety in turn is very important to us.

As a work place, we have an obligation firstly to our workers to ensure they are in a safe environment and secondly to you, the customer.


Take a picture

Terminology is an interesting beast!  For example, what do you call the part you sit on (besides the ‘seat’) – some people call it the bowl, some a pan.  The thing you flush? Some people call it a tank, others a cistern. The whole lot together? A toilet suite, a WC or a toilet system.

A picture can tell a thousand words especially when you’re unsure of the terminology.


Expectation and communication

The first thing that happens when you engage a plumber (or any tradesperson) is that communication takes place; and prior to the plumber arriving you will have an expectation of what YOU expect.

Your expectation will be based on previous experience and what you have heard or seen in the media or TV (which is not always accurate).


A little bit about Sunshine Plumbing

Welcome to Sunshine Plumbing’s Blog! We know plumbing’s not the most interesting topic for a blog, so we’ll share some things that show you we’re here to help!

In this space we aim to share information to help you with your everyday plumbing needs.