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Blocked Drains Melbourne

Is your drain blocked?

Our Qualified professional plumbers to get your drains cleared quickly.

If you’ve got a blocked drain, or multiple blocked drains we clear them fast. At Sunshine Plumbing, we’re your local, expert plumbers. We work across the Western Suburbs, CBD and over to St Kilda, clearing your blocked drains. Check our map to see if we service your area

For blocked drains and blocked toilets, drain cleaning Sunshine Plumbing has you covered. 

To book a time call us now on 03 9311 9511.

Blocked Drain Plumbing at Any Location

We clear blocked drains in your home, business, retail store, warehouse or factory; underground and above ground; or, any place you need us.

At Sunshine Plumbing we:

  • Clear most types of blocked drains and blocked pipes
  • Clear blocked toilets (because nobody needs that mess)
  • Use a drain snake to clear blockages
  • Clean your pipes out to reduce and minimise future blockages

Our Process

We like to make working with us a smooth process.

  1. You call us on 03 9311 9511, and we make an appointment or dispatch a plumber ASAP
  2. Our plumber arrives and investigates the problem
  3. Our plumber fixes the problem

How soon can you unblock my drain?

It’s likely that we can get staff out to you on the same day. Call us on 9311 9511, and we’ll let you know when we can come out.

If it’s not an emergency, we’ll book you in as quickly as we can. 

What information do we need beforehand?

We get details about the blocked drain as we can when we speak to you on the phone. 

If it’s helpful, we will get you to take a picture and send it to us. 

How we unblock your drains

There is a standard process we follow to unblock your drains.

Step 1 

Review your drainage system – not everyone has exactly the same set up and determine the best method to unblock your drain and from where.

Step 2

Use the appropriate equipment and/or technique to safely clear the blockage.

Step 3 

Test the work and show you your drain is running freely.

Step 4

If you have repeated blockage, we might recommend a below ground drainage camera survey to find out what’s happening. If we haven’t been able to clear the drain, the faulty section may need replacing (either above or below the ground).

Step 5

We take away general rubbish such as old pipes and fittings associated with the work we’ve done. We charge a fee to remove other items such as dirt, rocks, pavers, appliances and other fixtures. 

What causes blocked drains and blocked pipes?

There are so many different reasons you might get blocked drains, some can be prevented, and some can’t. Here’s a list.

  • Foreign objects flushed down the toilet (you should only ever flush the 3 P’s – paper, pee & poo); even if a product says it’s flushable it may cause your drain to block (hello $1,600 bill for kitty litter blockage)
  • Aging below ground pipes and/or ground movement can cause cracks in drains. Tree’s are thirsty, tree roots look for water and can grow into your drain causing the drain to block.
  • Cracks in below ground drains can deteriorate over time causing the drain to collapse 
  • Aging galvanized above ground pipes (sink, basin, laundry troughs wastes) can corrode & the build up eventually blocks the pipe
  • Inappropriate or poor installation
  • Hair getting stuck in the pipes
  • Food waste and grease build-up
  • Mineral build up
  • Toys and other small objects 
  • Excessive amounts of loo paper, sanitary items or other things flushed
  • Heavy rain and storms backing up the drains
  • Stormwater and toilets backing up and overflowing due to inappropriate waste

Signs you have a blocked drain

Signs that you’ve got blocked drains can be glaringly obvious or very subtle.

Subtle signs

  • Showers and sinks are slow to drain
  • Sinks, baths, toilets are slow to drain
  • Low water pressure
  • Your pipes are gurgling
  • Bad smells coming from the drains
  • Gurgling or “plopping” sounds coming from toilets, showers or basins

Obvious signs

  • Sinks, baths, toilets are backing up and overflowing with water or waste
  • You have a blocked toilet that won’t drain
  • Overflow from a gully trap  or inspection point outside your house, often water, toilet paper and sometimes poop

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