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Expectation and communication

The first thing that happens when you engage a plumber (or any tradesperson) is that communication takes place; and prior to the plumber arriving you will have an expectation of what YOU expect.

Your expectation will be based on previous experience and what you have heard or seen in the media or TV (which is not always accurate).

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Communication is very important to us! We take the time to get as much info about your plumbing job as we can, which means we can bring with us, the equipment and supplies we need to complete your plumbing job quickly.

We know it’s downer waiting around for tradies to show up because they’ve given you an eight hour window. We don’t do that. We try our very best, to give you a two hour window – and stick to it. But occasionally things come up, so we keep you up to date.

We can give you a call 30 minutes before arrival. Our two hour windows allow our plumbers adequate time to carry out their work and make it to their next job on time.

Like many things in life, estimating the time it takes to do something is hard.  How many times have you started a project yourself (like cleaning out cupboards or a shed) thinking it will only take an hour, but in reality to do a good job it takes more like 2 or 3?

We try our best to keep to schedule and notify you if the plumber is running behind schedule to allow you to change your schedule if needed or rebook for the following day

Expectations about our plumbers

What you can expect from our tradesmen is for them to be

  • well mannered, to explain to you what your problem is/was.
  • they will tidy up after themselves and not leave personal rubbish behind.

That being said, plumbers are not cleaners and everyone has different standards as to what is clean. Final cleaning will be left to your good self to meet your expectation and your standard.

We will take away general rubbish such as old pipes and fittings associated with the work we have done; items such as dirt, rocks, pavers, appliances and fixtures will be charged to remove from site.

Some customers prefer to dispose of these items themselves to keep costs down such as spreading excess dirt around their garden beds and/or putting appliances out with hard rubbish.

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Providing info about your job

By providing us with as much information as you can about your plumbing job, enables our plumbers to bring the materials and equipment they need to make your repair or installation, saving you both time and money.

What our plumbers carry with them

There is an enormous quantity of products on the market and we would need to drive semi-trailers if we were to carry every single one of them. And semi’s are a bit hard to navigate in Melbourne traffic, so we stick to vans, which can’t carry quite so much.

We try to carry the most common products in our vans and do our best to keep up with new products as they become available, but sometimes, we just don’t have what we need to complete your job.

Hidden and invisible plumbing problems

Another thing to remember is that we don’t have X-ray vision: when the problem is in the ground, a wall or hidden, we can only see what you can see. Once the problem is exposed, we may need additional material or tooling to make a repair.

Plumbing is not always an exact science and we have to apply our detective skills on many occasions – our job would be so much easier if we had X-ray vision 😉


We hope this makes it a little easier next time you call us, or any other tradespeople for that matter.

All feedback is appreciated. Tell us about your plumbing experiences; where your expectation was not meet or when your expectation was exceeded – it can only help create awareness and help us to improve our processes.

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