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Toilet Plumbers

For toilet plumbing we’ve got you covered. We supply, install, repair and unblock toilets of all types. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week for plumbing emergencies, in Sunshine and across the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

We take care of you!

Toilet installation, plumbing and repair services – Melbourne-wide.

Toilet installation, plumbing and repair services 

At Sunshine Plumbing, our customers’ needs come first and foremost. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency, or a scheduled project, we’re here to do our best work for you.

We get your toilet sorted quickly.

  • Blocked toilets
  • Toilet repairs
  • Toilet installations
  • Toilet seat installs
  • Adding toilets
  • Toilet bowl replacement

If you have a toilet plumbing emergency problem, we’ll get you sorted ASAP.

Call now 03 9311 9511 for a plumber to be dispatched for your toilet plumbing installations, repairs or replacements.

Toilet Plumbing Services

Toilet Installations

Whether you’re renovating, putting in an entirely new toilet, or replacing an existing toilet, we complete the job fast. Our plumbers are all professional and polite to ensure a completed project you’re happy with.

We supply and install your toilet

We supply and install new toilets in the latest designs and water saving options. Whether you need a toilet replaced or you’re adding a new toilet, Sunshine Plumbing can get it done.

You supply and we install your toilet

If you supply your own toilet, and as long as it’s compatible with the existing plumbing, we can install it for you.

Whether we supply your new toilet, or you supply it. We can get it installed quickly to reduce issues.

Call now to get a quote for your specific circumstances on  03 9311 9511.

Broken or Leaking Toilets

There are many reasons you may need your toilet repaired and we can fix them.

  • The pipes are blocked
  • You have a blocked toilet
  • The toilet’s leaking
  • It’s constantly running and won’t stop
  • It won’t flush
  • The seat or other parts of the toilet are broken
  • You need a toilet bowl replacement (chipped, cracked, stained or you just want a fancy new suite with a soft close seat!)
  • Cistern won’t flush (internal fault or no water supply to same)
  • Cistern running into the bowl (internal fault)

We diagnose the problem, we carry a range of standard parts for quick replacement, and get your toilet working properly again. 

If you’ve already got the parts for your repairs, we can fit them for you, to get your loo functioning correctly again (the parts must be fit for their intended purpose). 



How you can help us

With any plumbing job, you can help us by having information ready for us. 

Note the following: 

  • the brand if visible
  • type (or model) of appliance 
  • A photo showing the back of your toilet & another photo front on standing approximately 1.5 metres away showing the entire toilet suite, the floor & walls

So your plumber can let you know what they can do for you; especially if you require an estimate of cost.

You might need a new toilet when…

  • When the pan is cracked or chipped
  • When the cistern is not flushing properly and the parts are no longer available
  • When your toilet is 15+ years old (new technology and water saving improvements can save you money)
  • When you feel like sprucing up your bathroom, ensuite or powder room

Different types of Toilets

There are a range of different toilets:

  • Back to wall toilet suites
  • Wall hung toilet suites (with inwall cistern)
  • Close coupled toilet suites

There are plastic or vitreous china cisterns to choose from, and a range of seats including a self closing seat (it only needs a little help and is nice and quiet).

Toilets for limited mobility

Over height toilets

We can supply over height toilets, for when you need a toilet higher than standard. These are great for those with limited mobility, they’re higher and designed to be easier to get on and off.

Ambulant, wheelchair and other mobility

There are toilet suites designed for ambulant, wheelchair and other mobility issues. We can supply and install these for you, to ensure toileting needs are met for all members of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  This keeps us honest and able to recommend the best product for the job.

Toilet pans (bowls) are either S trap or P trap – this means the toilet is designed for the waste to connect to your plumbing pipes through the floor or behind through the wall.  In some circumstances the waste pipe might pass through the wall on the left or the right & toilet pans that accommodate these are called “skew” pans.  The simplest installation (lower cost installation) is where the new pan dimensions match the existing.

Altering the waste pipe in the floor or a tiled wall can dramatically increase the price of your installation.

Sometimes the dimensions of the toilet suites change and when you are installing a different type or brand, the footprint of where the pan sat on the floor &/or where the cistern is fastened to the wall & cosmetic touch ups (plaster wall patching, sanding painting or floor cleaning or surface repair) may be desired post installation but is not done by the plumber.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I really liked Mark's approach of doing things right the first time, especially when he tested our gas appliances once the meter was installed to make sure that everything was working fine ... he really did care about us as his client and looked out for our best interest. ... the team he sent out were really professional at what they do...

Jed Soto

Speedy, professional service. Job placed and completed within two hours. Highly recommended.

Carlo Nesci

Called them out for an emergency job in the middle of the night and they arrived within the hour and got the situation under control. Friendly, polite and professional.

Matthew Walls

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At Sunshine Plumbing, our customers’ needs come first and foremost. We know the panic and undue stress that can be caused by a hot water system problem, not to mention the damage that can be done to your home or work.

For plumbing assistance, call now 03 9311 9511. One of our highly skilled technicians will be on hand to assist you with your situation ASAP.

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We live by our reputation. We only give honest recommendations to suit your plumbing job. We’re not tied to any dealers or brands, so we provide only the best products and service.

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Our aim is to bring to you rapid, efficient and top-tier personalised service for all your urgent plumbing needs, including commercial and industrial plumbing, and home plumbing services across Western Melbourne.

We stay in contact, providing personalised communication.


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With over 50 years of experience, Sunshine Plumbing has 5 operational radio-controlled service vehicles on the road, a truck and a mini excavator; all waiting to come to your rescue.

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