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How Will Sunshine Plumbing Unblock My Toilet?

To unblock your toilet, we use what’s called a drain cleaning machine.  Some people refer to them as drain snakes.

A drain cleaning machine is a power operated machine, that sends cables down your drain with a cutter on the end. It’s designed to cut and push/pull the obstruction out of your drain.  

We can’t always tell you what has caused your blockage as we don’t always retrieve the cause/causes on our cables or cutting heads – the stoppage would be pushed out into the water authorities drain.

The only way to confirm your drain is 100% operational (without Xray vision) is by conducting a camera survey of your drain.  We generally recommend this when you have repeated blockages to confirm what the fault is, or if you want piece of mind.

If you mention this blog post we’ll give you 10% off the going rate for our camera survey.  

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