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Safety First!

Our safety and your safety in turn is very important to us.

As a work place, we have an obligation firstly to our workers to ensure they are in a safe environment and secondly to you, the customer.

Making decisions about safety

As professionals, our staff make the decision as to what is safe for us to do and what is not.

Please don’t be upset with us if we choose not to climb up on your roof in the middle of the night, during windy or wet weather, or any circumstance we deem unsafe!

Personal possessions can be replaced, people cannot.

Unsafe or non compliant installations

As professionals, from time to time, we might find an installation in your home or work place that is unsafe or non-compliant with the Australian Standard for such an installation.

A couple of examples are gas leaks or gas appliances that could create a fire based on how they are installed, or an installation that could cause scolding (hot water burns).

Sometimes what’s been installed in the past, is no longer compliant with the current Plumbing Code/Australian Standards. As licenced professionals, we’re obligated to ensure your new installation or change is compliant.  We don’t make the rules, but we must abide by them.

Our duty of care is to you, your family and the general public to ensure you will not be killed or injured at worst, and at best, not void your insurance policy.

Safety inspections

Please contact our office on 9311 9511 to arrange a site inspection if you have any concerns about your existing plumbing.

Your insurer

Your home insurer is someone you can turn to in such circumstance where we deem access is not safe.

In the event of storm damage, you may be eligible for assistance from the SES, call 13 25 00.