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Why does my stormwater drain block?

How often do you weed your garden? How often do you maintain your stormwater drain?

Stormwater drains are often the last house hold item to receive any TLC. On average it rains in Melbourne 145 days per year.

Each time it rains, your stormwater drain takes the rain water, from your roof via your downpipes, out into the council’s main drain. Some properties have surface water drainage that take away the additional ground water.

What can happen to storm water drains?

  1. Stormwater drains can become blocked with leaves and dirt that accumulates in your gutters and eventually builds up in the drain causing the drain to completely block.
  2. Tree roots and ground movement can crack and misalign your stormwater drain causing less than optimum operation.

What damage can blocked stormwater drains cause?

Blocked stormwater drains can affect your building foundations causing movement or structural damage (think cracks in your plaster).

Blocked gutters and downpipes can cause timber fascia/window and door frames etc to rot.

Saturated lawns and garden beds aren’t conducive to keeping your garden looking its best!

We’d hate to see your home damage due to blocked drains, and backed up waste water. To book a time to have your stormwater drain tested, call our office on 9311 9511.