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Specialist equipment

Sometimes we require the use of specialist equipment to carry out your plumbing work.

Much like in a doctor’s surgery, some of this can be done in house (like having a blood test at the surgery), some requires a specialist contractor (like going for an Xray or MRI).

Specialist equipment carries a charge for its usage if we have it in house; specialist equipment that is outsourced also carries a charge for its usage and sometimes for a specialist technician to operate it.

Read on to find out when specialist equipment might be needed.

Examples of when we may need specialist equipment include

  • saw cut your concrete with a demo saw or road saw
  • chain saw trees and remove stumps to get them out of the way
  • test your backflow valve or carbon monoxide testing of your heaters
  • extract or vacuum up dust or vacuum up water
  • access second storey roofs or access heights
  • pump out water
  • excavate
  • use a compressor to operate tooling or locate leaks

A Jet truck and operator is an example of something we might outsource for you. A carbon monoxide test kit or backflow test kit is an example of something we will have in house and charge you for.

When making your booking (phone 9311 9511) and think you might need specialist equipment, please check what we have available to bring with us, remembering we don’t drive around in semi-trailers.